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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Those who want change must be persistent. The opportunity to shape and change the future has never been greater than today. Above all, it is important to act sustainably.

We are committed to a better world. Social responsibility is an essential part of our corporate culture. As a responsible company, we see even small steps, especially in research, as a way to achieve a breakthrough. The ever-changing world presents us with challenges that we tackle with courage, willpower and openness in order to continuously improve our processes and business operations, and we use all our knowledge and skills to do so. 

We want to live in the best world possible for a long time to come. To this end, we encourage decisions and new thinking in order to make an important contribution to the global improvement of social responsibility and to pave the way for it.

SUMIDA CORPORATION's new annual report on social responsibility describes the effects in the areas of environment, society and market.

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