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Driver assistance systems become a mandatory requirement

Driver assistance systems become a mandatory requirement

New safety regulations are set to make our cars safer in the coming years. This means that some safety features that would cost a premium in cars today will then be standard equipment.




From 2024, all new cars must be equipped with the following additional assistants:

  • Emergency braking systems
  • Alcohol interlock
  • Camera to detect drowsiness and inattention
  • Accident data recorder
  • Emergency brake light
  • Intelligent cruise control
  • Lane departure warning (front camera)
  • Rear view camera or sensors

What does this mean in summary?

In the future, every car will need a front and rear camera, as well as software and hardware to process the data they generate.

Our jumpers are ideal for this innovation and regulations.

Due to their low installation height and very light weight, they are suitable for almost all installation space situations. Furthermore, we have already gained many years of experience in the automotive industry and already supply a wide range of jumpers for use in front cameras, braking systems, lighting applications and safety systems.

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