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Health-promoting actions in the workplace

keeping employees fit

Health-promoting actions in the workplace

 Healthy employees stand for a healthy company. After all, absences are not only expensive, they also increase the strain and stress on the entire team. With our health promotion measures, we want to ensure that our employees remain physically and mentally fit. To this effect, we have now invested and improved workplace ergonomics.

These days most workplaces are in front of a computer. And anyone who regularly works in front of a screen like this knows about the tiring effects of sitting for too long.


Symptoms such as:

  • Increased tiredness
  • Back and neck pain
  • Stunted physique

For this reason, we are starting to make our workstations in the administration more ergonomic and are equipping all of them with a height-adjustable table.

Alternating between standing and sitting is good for blood circulation and prevents back pain. This also prevents constant tiredness and our employees work more productively.

To continue to counter static posture at work, our employees can not only choose to sit or stand at their desk, but small exercises on the office chair can be performed at any time.

In order to also promote the health of the other departments, further measures are planned, which will be implemented bit by bit this year - for example, equipping the finishing department with ergonomic chairs. Sitting on ergonomic chairs promotes active-dynamic sitting and automatically leads to an upright upper body, which promotes deep breathing and gets the circulation going.

We have internalized one thing: only healthy employees are good employees.