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As a market leader of flexible interconnect systems, we develop and produce high-tech products for the electronics industry.

Flexible Flat Cables (FFC) and Flexible Board Connections (FBC) combine the advantages of our core technologies; flat rolling and lamination. FFC and FBC can be advantageously used in places where electrical connections require high flexibility and/or where PCBs need to be connected in various packaging configurations.

With Flexible Modules (FM), we combine product know-how and system expertise to provide our customers assemblies used for climate sensors, airbag transmission cables and lighting systems (as examples).

The Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) and Flexible Board Connector (FBC) products, which have their origin in our base technologies, are assembled into functional units through suitable connecting methods, overmolding and assembly steps.

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Explore our innovative products, technologies and services. Find the products that suit your application best by discussing your request with our product managers and engineers.

Within the SUMIDA group, we have the possibility to present ourselves internationally and to implement projects globally.

The synergies achieved in technology, production and logistics within the SUMIDA group will support our activities.