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Corporate Business Principles - SUMIDA

Corporate Business Principles SumidaSince our foundation in 1956, Sumida has always prided itself as a company which is able to adapt proactively to changes in our environment. As a result, we have globalized our business archives and management principles. We are a global enterprise comprised of people from various backgrounds and expertise which Sumida values and respects as one of our key strengths.

At the same time, Sumida also recognizes the importance of having a strong value-based company culture. An action or decision of an individual can potentially affect the company or its reputation, so uniting our basic values and commitment to our various stakeholders under a common standard is of utmost importance to maintain our reputation as a responsible, trustworthy and reliable company. Through these we also ensure that we collectively possess the ‘genes’ of what makes Sumida a success.

This document the ‘Sumida Business Principles’ outlines the guiding principles of our business practices and management style. It is a guidebook to ensure that everyone understands what is expected from a member of Sumida and, amongst other things, to illustrate what Sumida embodies.

While our Sumida Business Principles will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world, our basic foundation remains unchanged and reflects the basic ideas of fairness, honesty and social responsibility.

Corporate Business Principles - SUMIDA

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