SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH is a member of the SUMIDA CORPORATION Japan

electification 4 future

As a global company in the electrical industry, we take our responsibility with regard to the environmental impact of our business activities and our products very seriously. We embody the concept of sustainability from product development to delivery through holistic measures. As a sign of this, we have imposed the electification4future seal on ourselves.


By this we mean that we assume responsibility, think future-oriented and act sustainably.


We want to leave behind a world worth living in for future generations. That is why SUMIDA acts with foresight and responsibility in all areas. We are not only committed to the protection of the environment and nature, but also take ecological values and criteria into account along the entire value chain. We also try to innovatively develop processes and products in compliance with these principles.



We are innovative
- we do not see change as a challenge, but as an opportunity to develop ourselves, to remain fit for the future and to break new ground. For us, being innovative means developing unconventional solutions and creative concepts for new projects and processes.

With our future-oriented thinking we try to promote and support innovation by supporting renewable energies in the automotive industry. In this context, we try to advance the revolution of electric mobility and autonomously steered vehicles with our products. Examples how our products can be used for this, can be found here >>