SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH is a member of the SUMIDA CORPORATION Japan

Quality Assurance

Our avowed quality target: 0 PPM

In a market with increasingly tight margins and specifications, it is crucial for every company to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. A zero fault expectation is the starting point of targeted methods to detect and avoid faults.

Principles of our quality management

Customer Orientation

Consistent customer orientation is the key success factor of any business. Anticipating and exceeding customer expectations makes the top player stand out from the competition. Our company is organized completely in line with this principle.

Company Governance

The harmonization of a company’s objectives, orientation and internal conditions is a matter of leadership. Management creates the environment in which people can develop their abilities for mutual benefit. The most important means to achieve these goals are management by example, the consideration of stakeholders inside and outside the company and the development of a clear vision of the company’s future.

Employee Involvement

Every company is only as good as its employees. To enable them to apply their abilities and release their potentials, it is necessary that employees are involved in decision-making processes. We foster employee commitment and problem-solving competence at all levels and encourage our employees to actively seek possible improvements.

Process-Based Approach

Results are obtained more efficiently if the necessary activities and resources are grouped and handled as a single process. The individual process steps as well as input and output are defined, and the functional interfaces of the company are identified. Potential sources of faults are identified, and responsibilities are defined in order to ensure the smooth progress of company processes.

Continuous Improvement

”Those who do not improve have stopped being good“. This plain statement reveals that competence and quality are not static but dynamic variables, and this applies both to the company and to the people working for it. That is why it is paramount for the success of our company that every employee endorses the overall objective of continuous improvement of the products and the system.

Supplier Relationships

All things are interrelated, and companies in particular rely on good business relationships with their suppliers. It is the only way both sides can contribute their best to common value creation. This requires transparent communication, understanding on common targets regarding customer interests and cooperation in the product design and improvement.


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