SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH is a member of the SUMIDA CORPORATION Japan

Technologie from prototypes to series production

Customized product development


Based on our core technology of continuous laminating, we design products related to flexible cables. Whether PCB connectors, flat cables or assemblies, SUMIDA is fast, flexible and reliable in designing your product. We also support your product development with own laboratory and own measurement technique.

Sumida - Product DesignSumida - Product DesignSumida - Product Design


The design and dimensioning of flat cables and flexible connectors is our core competence. Besides the product, our focus is on the application. We select the raw materials and semi-finished products, and combined with the most advanced process technology, we produce flexible products for the most stringent requirements. We are constantly improving to create products that meet the growing demands in terms of technology and price.

The application is in our focus. An example from the automotive industry is the growing share of hybrid cars and electrically powered cars. The used technologies for the control of the battery modules and charge cycles increase the requirements and extent of PCB-connections, or the integration of sensors on PCB’s.

The product design process at SUMIDA progresses from the idea through prototyping to series manufacture. We use the most advanced tools for the design process. In parallel, we use FMEA methods to avoid failures in our designs and processes. This gives us the possibility to eliminate weak points in advance. Simulation and most advanced lab technology enable us to thoroughly try and test our designs so that we are able to launch products of a high quality standard at competitive prices.