SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH


"Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness are the currencies based on which we will be ultimately valued."

~Justifus Asir B Positive~

As a global company with a presence spread across the globe it is important for us to be reminded taht we are all part of "Team SUMIDA".

"Team SUMIDA" represents the concept that no matter where you are, you are a part of a bigger picture, a support network which holds the same values, motivation and ambitions.

Vision // Mission // VALUES


Our vision is to lead in the industry as a timeless company and to provide solutions that help to power and inspire the world with innovations that fulfil the whims of our imagination. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with electronic solutions which enable them to develop products and technologies which improve our quality of life - to make life easier, safer, healthier, more pleasurable and more ecological. Be it in consumer devices, automotive related comfort and safety systems, solutions for a cleaner brighter future, automation or devices to help us with our healthy well being. We constantly challenge ourselves to be better at what we do and anticipate changes in our environment so that we may adapt quickly and responsibly, maximizing the use of the finest resources at the best locations to meet the needs of our times.

Our Values

All mentioned values allow room for interpretation. This is why SUMIDA is constantly involved in a discussion of values. They act as a method of ‘self-governance’, inspiring employees to align their own actions around a common set of principles regardless of borders and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Strive to continuously improve, aim to anticipate and respond swiftly to changing customer and business needs through continuous learning.


  • Pride in supplying high quality products and solutions to our customers when and where they need them.

Challenging Spirit

  • " Challenging Spirit" is to be understood as a state of mind that is based on the fact that we do not want to be satisfied with what we have achieved so far, but that we constantly try to face new challenges and look for ways to improve.This attitude is also expressed in all our efforts, which we call the collective term KAIZEN (jap. for change for the better)

Life Balance

  • To work smart and efficiently in order to take a well-balanced approach to life, family and work.

Global Meritocracy

  • At SUMIDA, "Global Meritocracy" or "Global Performance Society" stands for the concept defined by the company management that we want to promote and deploy the best talent in our global corporate family, regardless of race*), gender or nationality.


  • We use our resources responsibly towards the environment, the community and our company.


*) regardless of current discussions in Germany, which aim to clarify the concept of race from our linguistic usage we use it here to convey a value that needs some explanation