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Cake Tasting

Cake Tasting

Yesterday, an extraordinary cake tasting took place in our company, which was organised especially for our production employees and pensioners. A big thank you goes to our administration team, who went all out to conjure up delicious cake creations. These were prepared with much love and care to give our production employees and our valued pensioners a tasty break.

It was gratifying to see how the administrative staff contributed their culinary skills to create such a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. The different cake variations provided a diverse explosion of flavours and helped to make this day a special experience for all involved.

A big thank you also goes to all those who took the time to savour and enjoy the delicious creations. This event not only delighted the palate, but also strengthened the bond within our corporate family. We value the shared moments and look forward to continuing such enjoyable activities in the future.

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