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PANTA<sup>©</sup> FFC

PANTA© FFC – Flexible solutions from copper flat conductors

With the PANTA© FFC cables, SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH offers you flexible flat cables for a wide range of applications. The flexible foil cables of the PANTA© FFC series are created by laminating flat copper strips in a wide variety of dimensions with high-quality insulation foils. They combine the smallest wall thicknesses with precisely defined, constant electrical values.

  • Widespread use in automotive and industrial electronics and medical technology
  • Flexibility due to flat copper conductors
  • Highest vibration resistance
  • Small installation space required as well as significant weight reduction
  • High thermal load capacity and media resistance (meet automotive requirements)
  • Suitable for control current and supply current
  • Use of new ZZZIP® copper tape
Customer benefits
  • Copper flat conductor from 35 μm thickness
  • Compliance with the tightest tolerances through state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies
  • Selective exposure of copper tracks by laser processing enables high-precision window technology
  • Marking of the FFC cables according to your specifications
  • Realization of special installation space situations
  • Matrix compounds
  • Fabrication service: Resistance welding, crimping, soldering, overmolding, potting


Technical data


DPitch (mm)1,01,251,272,02,52,542,73,183,53,813,965,05,087,0
Number of poles max.on request
ALength (mm) 
from 15 mm free selectable
BEdge isolation  (mm)freely selectable from 0.3 to 10
GWire size (AWG)3030282624242424242424242422


Special wire sizes (AWG)


Conductor material

Cu according to DIN 40500; tinned μm min 1.5

Current carrying capacity at 20°C (VDC/min)

Rated voltage (VDC)200200200200300300300300300300300300300300

Dielectric strength (VDC/min)


*simulated // ** larger on request // *** on request

Insulation materials
for pitch (mm)2,54
for conductor size (AWG)24
Insulation resistance
(ground-signal-ground) (Ω)
Operating temperature (°C)-40 bis +105-40 bis +125-40 bis +125-40 bis +125
Soldering temperature (°C/s)250/4260/5260/5260/5
Storage conditions6 months / <25°C / max. 50% rel. H

 SUMIDA FFC Technische Daten

We reserve the right to make changes in the interest of technical progress and further development.

Clockspring Cable

Due to its high flexibility and weight savings, flat conductor technology has become indispensable in the automotive, industrial and also the consumer segment. Airbag technology, interior wiring and infotainment components are typical applications in the automotive sector. Here, PANTA© FFC cables are installed in winding spring cassettes for steering column switch modules, among other things.

In addition to flexible flat cables, we also manufacture complete clockspring flat cables for the automotive industry. Here, our flexible flat cables are equipped with punched grids and connector systems and completed by resistance welding and overmolding.

SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH produces, in addition to long-band technology, steering wheel modules in loop-back technology (short-band technology), which meet the highest demands on production technology with smaller bending radii and (with 35µm) significantly thinner cables.

Copper cable
Kupferkabel gerolltKupferkabel geschnittenKupferkabel Zzzip
  • Native rolling edges
  • No burrs or sharp edges
  • Low price dependant on width
  • Reasonible price
  • Low setup costs
  • Nu burrs
  • One single coil
  • High price
  • High setup costs
  • Many single reels
  • Setup costs
  • Single reels
  • Limited to 63mm copper width
  • Initial costs
Long and short belt technology




Physical properties

Physikalische Eigenschaften




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