SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH is a member of the SUMIDA CORPORATION Japan

Stagnation means regression - We are DIN ISO and IATF certified!

Stagnation means regression - We are DIN ISO and IATF certified!

Our most important corporate objective is to ensure customer satisfaction through the consistent and traceable quality of our products, as well as through continuous process optimisation. For this reason, our work processes are subject to constant controls and are continuously improved and adapted to the requirements of our customers. This forces us to stay on the ball. Because in quality management it is like everywhere else in life - stagnation means regression.

Our declared aim is to ensure the consistently high quality of our products. With our quality policy we want to achieve that we permanently improve our products and processes. This enables us to recognise the needs of our customers, meet them and constantly improve customer satisfaction.

As a company with a strong future, it is our greatest ambition to maintain our high standard and to permanently expand it. With the certifications we feel confirmed to be on the right track. This is not only the basis for the strategy and goals of the company, but also a guideline for the daily work of all employees.

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