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PANTA® SMD R - the next generation

PANTA® SMD R are flexible board connections with individual bridging lengths between 20 – 40 mm. The PANTA® SMD R combine advantages of SMD Jumper with individual insulation length of PANTA FIX Jumper. Therefore, it is a flexible solution for various assembly configurations on electronic PCB assy.


  • Automatic assembly by SMD-Pick & Place process
  • Variety of possible applications in electronic modules
  • Economic alternative compared to e. g. milled and rigid-flexible PCB‘s
  • Higher flexibility and resistance against breakage compared to step-milled PCBs
  • No additional manual assy process required
  • Reflow soldering (Pb-free recommended
    reflow profile DIN EN 61760)
  • Subsequent bending of the connected PCB's up to 180 ° are possible
  • High vibration and bending resistance

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