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Sumida - PANTA© ZIF JUMPERremovable ZIF/LIF connection flat cables

PANTA© ZIF JUMPERS are highly flexible flat conductor connectors to be contacted with ZIF connectors. Defined stripping of insulation and application of stiffener in the contact area provides save connection to all conventional connectors. Small dimensions and small pitches allow installation in small spaces.

PANTA ZIF JUMBER is suitable for the ZIF/LIF connectors also with mechanical interlock. They are characterized by higher mating cycles and better connection strength. PANTA ZIF JUMBER can also be used for the connection with LIF (Low Insertion Force).

Product description

  • PANTA© ZIF JUMPERS are used for connecting printed circuit boards (PCBs)Iriso I-Lock
  • Combinable with ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or LIF (Low Insertion Force) connectors
  • Defined stripping of insulation and application of stiffener in the contact area provides secure connection to all conventional plugs (e. g. FCI, Molex or Tyco)
  • Minimum dimensions through thin foils and small pitches
  • Fast assembly by simple insertion
  • High flexibility and bending resistance
  • Special versions available, e. g. LIF/ZIF pins can be combined with round solder pins (PANTA© FIX) or SMD solderable flat conductors (PANTA© FLL)
  • Optional custom design of jumper mating area allows the use of specific connectors with additional features. Specific punch at jumper ends provides a stain relief functionality and connector position assurance (e.g. Iriso I-Lock or similar)

Order code


Technical data

PANTA© ZIF JUMPER - technical data

Nr.Order codeIEGA
DPitch (mm)0,51,01,252,54
Max. number of pins (N)50302624
AIsulation length (mm)20-5000
EMargin (mm)0,51,01,252,54
NLength of stripped insulation 
Nominal size (standard) (mm)
KLength of reinforcement
Nominal size (standard) (mm)
Conductor material (µm)Tin-plated Cu - optional Ni/AuCo
DWire material* (mm)0,3x0,1/0,050,7x0,1/0,05*0,8x0,11,5x0,1
Isulation (µm)Polyester, PEN, Polymide
Reinforcing insulation (mm)Polyester
BTotal width (mm)(number of pins + 1) x pitch
WPitch width (mm)(number of pinsl − 1) x pitch
HTotal thickness of contact area (mm)0,3
Isulation resistance (grd-sig-grd) (Ω)> 1010
Current rating at 20°C (A)0,51,01,53,0
Voltage rating (VDC)30200200300
Operating temperature (°C)− 40 bis + 105

* customer specials on request

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