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Automatic assemblable parts

Automatic assemblable parts

The volume of SMD assembly compared to other assembly methods has been growing steadily for years. The use of SMD elements supports the miniaturization of electronic assemblies and, above all, enables fast and precise automatic placement of boards, even on both sides.

Especially with electromechanical components such as connecting cables, there is no end in sight to the automation process.

In the course of the increasing fully automatic assembly of printed circuit boards, SUMIDA offers various SMD components. Individual customer requirements or adaptations of standard SMD elements set no limits for us. Our technical sales department is at your disposal for inquiries or advice.

For automatic feeding of SMD components to an automatic placement machine, among other things, you need appropriate "Tape & Reel" packaging of the components. At SUMIDA, an AOI is carried out where the parts pass through an optical inspection. This method ensures a high quality of our parts in the packaging required by the customer.
In order that the PCB assemblers do not have to readjust their placement machines to each tape, SUMIDA uses blister tapes in the standardized sizes. In order to prevent the components from getting stuck, only one component is inserted per cavity of the blister tape. To ensure smooth loading, the components are each inserted at the same position in the cavity of the blister tape. This ensures that the robot arm can detect the component without error and remove it from the blister tape.

With SUMIDA, nothing stands in the way of cost reduction for the customer by using automated SMD component placement.

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