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Learn more about the new slogan INSPIRING FLEXIBLE CONNECTIONS

Learn more about the new slogan INSPIRING FLEXIBLE CONNECTIONS

We are delighted to introduce our new slogan “Inspiring Flexible Connections”. This slogan not only represents our corporate philosophy, but also expresses the essence of what we do at SUMIDA flexcon.

But what does “Inspiring Flexible Connections” actually mean for us?

“Inspiring” stands for our motivation to continuously inspire our customers and partners. We want to set new standards with innovative solutions and high-quality products and inspire our customers with new ideas and projects.

“Flexible” describes the versatility and adaptability of our products. Whether standard components or customised solutions, our products are designed to adapt flexibly to your specific requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience and technical expertise, we are able to offer solutions that perfectly match your applications.

“Connections” represents the importance of the connection that our products enable. Whether it's efficiently transmitting energy, amplifying signals or capturing data, our products create the connections that drive modern technologies. We are proud to be part of the value chain of many industries and to enable the connections that hold our world together with our products.

To summarise, our new slogan stands for our commitment to developing inspiring products that flexibly adapt to your requirements and create the connections that move our world. We invite you to discover our products and be inspired by their versatility and performance.

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