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We are now active in the light!

Ambient lighting is becoming an increasingly important topic, and not only in the automotive industry.

 New innovations today combine emotionality and functionality. Where there used to be only one reading lamp in a car, manufacturers today are staging entire worlds of colour in their vehicles. Light is playing a growing role in the staging of atmospheric spaces. It controls emotions and moods, defines areas of use and models architecture.

In the automotive industry, on the one hand, communication between vehicle and passenger is becoming increasingly important in the course of autonomous driving, with interior lighting fulfilling specific tasks, such as visually displaying warnings.

Another point is to be achieved by ambient light in the vehicle. What at first sight appears to be a gimmick reveals a sore spot: Particularly in metropolitan areas, traffic jams are making cars increasingly unpopular, forcing car manufacturers to invent new strengths. On the other hand, the driver should continue to be inspired to drive. Cars should remind young people more of a trendy club and limousines should convince with a relaxed resting room. In traffic jams, values such as engine power or acceleration values do not count. Other values count, such as massage functions, music or other aids to create a feel-good atmosphere. Here light is a popular means.

Furthermore, the University of Illmenau found out that a little inside light in the dark improves the view outside.

But also in other industrial sectors, ambient light is becoming more and more popular to create an atmosphere of well-being. Especially in the consumer sector it is now widely used. Whether on the TV, on the extractor hood in the kitchen, in the bathroom or on the outside facade of the house. 

For example: Ambient light on the TV, colloquially called Ambilight, is intended to enhance the entertainment experience. Nowadays, people don't just watch TV, but meanwhile the Ambilight projects the colour of the TV onto the wall, making it appear larger and making everything feel much closer. In addition, with many devices, the Ambilight can also be used in standby mode to create a cosy atmosphere in the room.

Everywhere you can now create an atmosphere with LEDs, depending on your mood and the occasion, in no time at all. Exactly for this we offer connection technologies to support the light supply!

Below are a few examples: