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Flexible Flat Cables (FFC)

cost effective and space-saving connections with FFC-cables

Flexible Flat CablesPANTA© FFCs (Flexible Flat Cables) are flat copper conductors of various dimensions laminated with high-quality insulation foils. They guarantee significant competitive advantages over conventional cables in your application.

PANTA© FFC-cables ensure a fast and easy connection between electric and electronic components in modular and solderable modules. In comparison to traditional round cables and wires the use of flexible film cables gives you a major competitive advantage because of low costs and easy processing.

The flexible flat cable (FFC) is made of a flat copper strip which is laminated between two insulating foils. The FFC technology offers a parallel track pattern of rolled copper wires.

The standard copper conductor thickness is 35, 50 and 125 microns. As insulating materials, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) is used in different dimensions.

Highly flexible flat cables are an efficient and easy to use system for PCB-to-PCB connections, which has advances everywhere it is claimed to have a low weight and a high packing density at small packaging space. The flat construction qualifies them for a wide field of applications.

Because of customer specific configuration flexible flat cables can easily be adapted to the desired application: Connection type, length and conductor quantity are selectable and adapted to customers request. Our online configurator gives you an overview of the FFC-variants which we can produce for you.

The PANTA © FFC cables are installed, among other things in clock spring cartridges in the steering column control module of the automotive industry. Because of the flexibility and weight savings, the flat conductor technology is here to stay in the areas of airbag, interior and infotainment application.

In addition to supplying the FFC for automotive, industrial and consumer applications SUMIDA flexible connections is also assembling complete clock spring modules. Here, the flexible flat cable will be completed with connector systems and lead frames by use of resistance welding and injection molding processes. 

Airbag Clock Spring

Besides the standard “long-band” technology with copper conductors up to 120 microns, SUMIDA also produces steering wheel modules in loop-back-technology (short band technology) This loop-back technology use smaller bending radius and much thinner wires with 35 microns. Therefore this has higher demands on the production technology.