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PANTA<sup>©</sup> FIX CRIMP

Optimized connection with pin, socket or solderpin

PANTA© FIX JUMPER and PANTA© FLEX-cable have a detachable connection via foil-crimped contacts and connector housing. This is perfect for a safe and stabile connection on and with PCB’s especially on high volumes. The products of PANTA have a high-grade of configurability and are perfect for an individual intended use.

Product Description

  • Solution to connect flat cable to round cable applications or header devices
  • Assembly of foil crimp contacts from different manufacturers (e. g. Tyco, Nicomati) with PANTA FIX JUMPER or PANTA FLEX cables
  • Available pitches: 1.27 and 2.54 mm
  • Secure connection (e. g. housings with locking mechanism and coding)
  • Mate/unmateable space-saving Connection
  • Socket, pin and solder pin contact Versions are available
  • Available with tin- or gold-plated surfaces


PANTA© Crimp with TYCO contactsPANTA© Crimp with TYCO contacts

  • TYCO pin contacts
    • 88117-x (gold-plated or tin-plated) on request
    • 88976-x (gold-plated or tin-plated) on request
  • TYCO socket contacts
    • 2-487406-4 (tin-plated) PREFERRED TYPE
    • 487406-X (gold-plated or tin-plated)on request
  • TYCO solder pin
    • 88997-2 (tin-plated) on request

Diverse Housings are available on request.

PANTA© Crimp with TYCO contactsPANTA© Crimp with Nicomatic contacts

  • Nicomatic socket contacts series 14106
    • 14106-12 (tin-plated) PREFERRED TYPE
    • 14106-3210 (partially gold-plated) on request
  • Nicomatic pin contacts 0.635mm.
    Rectangular terminal series 12410
    • 12410-12 (tin-plated) PREFERRED TYPE
    • 12410-32 (partially gold-plated) on request
    • Diverse housings available

We will be pleased to advise you.

Order Code

order code

Technical Data

Oder CodeBA
Pitch (mm)1,272,54
possible crimp contacts of the companiesTycoTycoTyco MQSNicomatic
Preferred type1-487547-1
Pole number max.32203232
Length (mm)30-999 in graduations a 1; Special lengths up to 5000
Edge insulation min. (mm)0,8
Pin diameter (mm)0,320,40,40,51
Wire size (AWG)28262624
Flat conductor width (mm)0,751,351,351,5
Flat conductor thickness (µm)1001,271,27120
Conductor material (µm)Cu acc. to DIN 40500; tin-plated,
2 µm

Cu acc. to DIN 40500; tin-plated,
3 µm

Current carrying capacity at 20°C (A)0,52,02,03,0
Rated voltage (VDC)80300
Dielectric strength (VDC/min)2001.500

We reserve the right to make changes that serve technical progress and further development.


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