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PANTA<sup>©</sup> FIX CRIMP - Nano MQS

Optimized connection with pin, socket or solderpin

PANTA© FIX JUMPER and PANTA© FLEX-cable have a detachable connection via foil-crimped contacts and connector housing. This is perfect for a safe and stabile connection on and with PCB’s especially on high volumes. The products of PANTA have a high-grade of configurability and are perfect for an individual intended use.

  • Pitch 1.27 to pitch 2.54 available
  • Tin-plated or gold-plated surfaces available
  • The contacts are available in the following versions
    - Socket contact
    - Pin connector
    - solder pin
  • Widely used in automotive and industrial electronics as well as medical technology
  • Secure contacting (e.g. housing with latching, with anti-twist protection)
  • Detachable plug-in connection with low space requirement
  • High resistance to vibration and bending
  • Break-proof and reliable connection
  • Temperature-resistant insulation materials (-40°C to +125 °C)
Customer benefits
  • Economical assembly of flat conductors with contact parts from various manufacturers
  • Optimised for high-voltage applications by increasing clearance and creepage distances
  • Assembly of FFC and FPC

 Further releases of other systems are in preparation.

Technical Data
Oder CodeBA
Pitch (mm)1,272,541,82,02,2
possible crimp contacts of the companiesTycoTycoTyco MQSNicomaticTE
Nano MQS
Pole number max.32203232in consultation
Length (mm)30-999 in graduations a 1; Special lengths up to 5000
Edge insulation min. (mm)0,8
Conductor material (µm)Cu acc. to DIN 40500; tin-plated,
2 µm
Cu acc. to DIN 40500; tin-plated,
3 µm
Current carrying capacity at 20°C (A)0,52,02,03,0in consultation
Rated voltage (VDC)80300
Dielectric strength (VDC/min)2001.500

  We reserve the right to make changes that serve technical progress and further development.


Oder Code Panta Fix Crimp

Application specification


Storage conditions6 months / <25°C / max. 50% rel. H

 PANTA FIX Crimp   FIX Crimp Anschlussformen


Fig.: The opposite side can be selected separately and can also be combined with Panta® FLL, Panta® FIX CRIMP as well as Panta® ZIF connections.

Panta© Fix Crimp - Nano MQS


NANO MQS - Requirements and objectives
InterfaceInterface compatible Nano MQS
Pitch 1,8mm, 2.0 mm and 2,2mm
Contact chamber (socket)• FFC/FPC optimized NanoMQS chamber
• Standard round conductor chamber
Conductor materialBasis: copper
Wire cross section0,7mm x 70µm or 100µm see product specification
Connection technologyProcessable with FFC / FPC with/without cover foil
Closed and freestanding conductors
Version (FFC/FPC)• Contact area uncovered
• Free punching of the conductors optional
ContactCuSn 8 Coating Sn

 FIX Crimp _ Nano MQS


  • Operating range up to 105°C (extended temperature range possible)
  • Up to ~1.5A current capability (100µm track thickness)
  • Approved & Tested according to LV 214 (housing & contact)
  • LuK compatible for high-voltage storage (at 2.2mm pitch)
  • Compatible with standard market series housings (at 1.8 pitch)
  • TE processing tools available & proven
  • foil sample crimped available


Nano MQS _ FlachleiterNano MQS _ Rundleiter



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