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Printed circuit board connections

Is it possible to connect printed circuit boards to each other as safely and reliably as possible while taking up as little space as possible?

Our answer is yes!

Applications and devices are constantly becoming smaller and more compact. As a result, PCBs and other parts of the devices have to move ever closer together. We are responding to this trend with appropriate PCB connectors in various sizes and numbers of poles.

As part of a larger system, PCB connectors are the requirement for electrical and electronic connections. In the growing digital world, PCB connectors are the innovation of connection and networking. Increasing demands on devices and applications require clever and secure transmission solutions. The variety of PCB connectors ranges from miniaturized connections to connectors for master electronics. The biggest difficulty for us as a PCB connector manufacturer is achieving maximum technical performance with the smallest size.

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SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) is a surface mounting technique that simplifies the assembly of PCBs, circuit boards and printed circuit boards.

The SMD components required for assembly are characterized by their extremely small design and are soldered directly onto the PCB during assembly. They do not require any drill holes like the wired components for through hole technology (THT), take up much less space and can be assembled on both sides of boards.


Through-hole plating or plug-in assembly is the term used in packaging technology for the assembly of wired electronic components. These are inserted through contact holes in the PCB during assembly and then connected to the trace by soldering (conventional hand soldering, wave soldering, selective soldering, reflow soldering, laser soldering, vapor phase soldering, pin-in-paste, etc.).


The connection technology in the field of electrical engineering consists of a variety of technologies with which an electrical contact is established. Due to different types of printed circuit boards or assembly processes in applications, it is essential to use pluggable connections. With plug-in connections, it is generally easier to replace individual PCBs when servicing the connected modules.


  • Quickly install, maintain or replace your devices with pluggable solutions
  • Universal spring clamp connection for all types of conductors
  • "Wire-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire and board-to-board connections possible




There are two main types of PCB connectors, board-to-board connectors and wire-to-board connectors. These types of connections are used in SMT technology and are the basis for enormously powerful connections with a very high transmission rate.

In almost all areas of electronics, printed circuit board connectors are used. As a component, they are indispensable and are used in larger and very small applications. For example, they are needed in industrial automation to simplify work processes. They are also used in technical devices in medical technology and diagnostic technology.

In the automotive industry, there is a wide variety of applications for PCB connectors. Especially the modern electronic achievements in vehicles and here especially the various use of interior and exterior lighting and driving safety systems, which have the goal to achieve ever better networking and performance, are dependent on the flexible connections.

SMD JUMPER im Mini Cooper

Flexible Leiterplattenverbinder


Our highly flexible flat conductor connectors guarantee a fast and safe installation. Other features of our PCB connectors are as follows:

  • high vibration and bending strength
  • unbreakable and reliable connection
  • minimum space requirement
  • no wiring errors possible
  • various connection types selectable
  • combination with connectors possible
  • high quality insulation materials (-40°C to + 125°C)
  • different grids within one jumper available (MIX)
  • short insulation lengths also available as wire bridge

You receive our PCB connectors immediately ready for installation. Due to the easy handling and possibility of automated assembly of our parts, a saving of working time and assembly costs is possible.