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The second living room

The interior is becoming more interactive and intelligent.

The second living room

 If the interior suppliers have their way, the vehicle interior will increasingly become a personal living space alongside one's own home or workplace.

Even before the introduction of fully autonomous driving, it can be assumed that interaction functions and modalities will be used in the vehicle interior that are also emerging in other industries and products, e.g. eye tracking and voice recognition.



Combined with established controls such as touch surfaces and displays, this should enable drivers and passengers to communicate better with the car.

Users should be able to adapt the interfaces to their own habits so that the applications that are most important to them are displayed.

Important features in the interior are central touchscreen displays and individual entertainment systems, right up to the personal control panel integrated into the armrest. In the future, it is also intended that vehicles will be able to detect the physiognomy, i.e. for example height and age, as well as the driver's viewing angle "and on this basis individually design the interior and adapt displays accordingly".

Our flexible connection cables are widely used in the automotive and industrial sectors, supporting digitalisation in all channels and ways.

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Source: Automobilwoche 20

Picture: BMW I3