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Cell Contact Systems

Voltage and temperature sensing for cell contacting systems (ZKS)

We use our expertise in cable technology from the automotive sector and develop contacting systems for battery management systems. We are specialized in two different cell contacting systems: The FPC solution and the FFC solution. Here it is important to us that our cell contacting systems ensure a reliable flow of analog signals of temperature and cell voltage. In this way we guarantee safety and full battery performance. Due to a very flat design, our cell connection systems can be optimally inserted into any available installation space. We are happy to discuss specific requirements with our customers and implement them after inspection and various tests.



Your Benefits:

  • Problem solution for ultra-flat construction and solution
  • Use of smallest installation spaces (overall height)
  • Reduction of implementation and cut-out dimensions
  • Optimization of weight in the area of set-up cable harness
  • Greater flexibility with integration of contact connections
  • Increase of the transmission and contact density with small
    installation space
  • Hybrid technology - Cu / Al conductor cores in a ribbon cable


Great saving potential compared to fpc

What we offer:

  • Customer-specific development and production
  • Production of complete and complex Cell contacting systems
  • Many years of experience in automotive projects
  • Certification according to IATF 16949
  • EOL test components, systems and modules
  • Engineering - Development - Prototyping




• Overall height of flat cable = 0.325 mm with conductor thickness 150µm
• Number of tracks variable (Ex. = 7 tracks 5x Al / 2x Cu)
• Aluminium (Al) and copper tracks (Cu) parallel on any number of pin connectors possible
• The conductor path of the FFC is completely made of Cu or Al with material transition Cu to Al or
  Al to Cu (based on flat conductors in copper - material transition Cu / Al at the cell contact
• Signal transfer to system connector, for example based on Nano MQS contact system
• Variable number of offshoots (transverse outlets) and lengths of the flat cables
• hermetic sealing of the Cu / Al connections
• Application range up to 105°C (extended temperature range possible)
• 1 to XX superimposed flat cables
• Dielectric strength up to 3 KV
• Test and design according to criteria for clearance and creepage distances (LuK)
• EoL (End of Line) test for high signal reliability and dielectric strength
• Individual solutions through extremely flexible adaptation to installation space and environment
• Concepts and design according to test standard LV 123 automotive
• Development and production of completely ready-to-install cable concepts and modules


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