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Flexible solutions made with copper flat cables


PANTA© FFCs are flat copper conductors of various dimensions laminated with high-quality insulation foils. They guarantee significant competitive advantages over conventional cables. Compared with standard round wire cables, flat cables have lower weight and higher bending fatigue strength.

Product description

PANTA© FFCs are flat copper conductors of various dimensions laminated with high-quality insulation foils. They guarantee significant competitive advantages as compared with conventional cables. They combine minimum wall thickness with the precisely defined constant electrical values.

A flat flex cable has the following advantages:

  • Flexibility through flat copper conductors
  • Highly vibration resistant
  • Reliable and fracture-safe connection
  • Weight reduction
  • High thermal resistance
  • High chemical resistance (meets automotive requirements)
  • Wiring errors are avoided
  • Hydrolyse resistance
  • Highest flexibility
  • Suitable for safety applications (e. g. air bags)
  • Savings of cost and time during the process by simple and fast assembly

Because of this numerous benefits, flexible film cable is suitable for the most diverse applications. FFC-cables are used in the automobile industry in safety relevant components as well as for comfort- and infotainment components. They are used in mechanical engineering, industrial, manufacturing and industrial robots and also in various fields in which electronic and mechanical components meet, such as computers, printers, copying machines, or even in consumer electronics such as CD, DVD, or Blu-ray-Players. Particular requirements for precision and stability have been raised in the test and measurement, and medical technology.


We offer customized FFCs for the automotive industry. The optimum FFC solution is designed and manufactured according to the customer's performance specification. According the customer specification we develop the optimum FFC solution for the intended use. SUMIDA offers:  

  • High-quality insulation foils in various thicknesses
  • Flat copper conductor in thicknesses of 35 µm and above
  • Customer selection of copper width
  • Use of ZZZIP copper strip technology from Wieland
  • Assurance of very tight tolerances by advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Marking of the FFCs according to your specifications
  • Highly precise window technologies
  • Selective stripping of copper conductors by laser processing
  • Punching technology for exposure of terminations Matrix connections available
  • Assembly services (resistance welding, crimping, soldering, overmolding, potting)

On request, we can produce the whole assembly for you.

Order code

Order code PANTA© FFC

Technical Data

PANTA© FFC - technische Merkmale

Max. number of pinson request
ALength (mm)selectable above 15 mm
BMax. margin (mm)selectable up to 10
BMin. margin(mm)0,3
GAmerican wire gauge (AWG)303028262424242424242424242222
GSpecail wire gauges(AWG)3024262626222222222222
Conductor material
Current rating at 20°C (A)1,01,51,52,03,03,03,03,03,03,03,03,03,53,53,5
Voltage rating (VDC)200200200200300300300300300300300300300300300
Dielectric strength (VDC/min)700700700100015001500150015001500150015001500150015001500
Insulation materials
With pitch(mm)2,54
American wire gauge (AWG)24
Insulation resistance (grd-si-grd) (Ω)> 1010
Operating temperature (°C)−40 ... +105−40 ... +125−40 ... +125−40 ... +125
Soldering temperature (°C/sec)250/4260/5260/5260/5

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